Thinking of You

Thinking of You
  • Cold & Flu

    The ultimate get well soon gift. Our Cold & Flu Care Package has been carefully and thoughtfully put together to include a mixture of natural, medicated and top quality feel good products that will have the recipient feeling right as rain in no time!
  • Kiss My Parcel's Sickness & Nausea Care Package is a unique get well soon gift for someone suffering the effects. Containing top quality, thoughtful, natural and medicated products.
  • A wonderfully arranged Care Package sympathy gift. Created for somebody whom has lost someone special where every item included is either a beautiful sentiment, a thoughtful coping aide or a mixture of both.
  • Pick Me Up

    A unique feel good gift care package for a loved one or friend that is in need of cheering up. Suitable for any occasion where life throws you lemons...
  • A thoughtful get well soon hospital gift package full of useful, funny and healthily ‘scrummy’ treats! Perfect for the poorly patient that needs cheering up.
  • The ultimate gift for your elderly loved one. Our Fully Ripened - Care home gift parcel has been  thoughtfully put together to include a mixture of boredom busting and traditional products that will keep the recipient happily occupied whilst taking them back in time to the 'good old days'!
  • The ultimate gift package thoughtfully put together for somebody that has been diagnosed or is currently suffering with cancer.
  • She's still 'Hot' but now it comes in flushes! Care, humour, luxury and a little indulgence are all aspects of this uniquely curated Care Package thoughtfully put together with the Menopausal lady in mind.
  • This ultimate All American sweets Gift Box is filled with as many edible treats as possible which are sure to make the recipient feel like they are Stateside no matter where they are.
  • Sensitively put together for a special young lady to help her understand and embrace reaching puberty, this period Care Package is packed full of useful and pampering gifts to make her smile.