Away From Home

Away From Home
  • Pick Me Up

    A unique feel good gift care package for a loved one or friend that is in need of cheering up. Suitable for any occasion where life throws you lemons...
  • The ultimate gift for your elderly loved one. Our Fully Ripened - Care home gift parcel has been  thoughtfully put together to include a mixture of boredom busting and traditional products that will keep the recipient happily occupied whilst taking them back in time to the 'good old days'!
  • The ultimate gift package thoughtfully put together for somebody that has been diagnosed or is currently suffering with cancer.
  • This ultimate All American sweets Gift Box is filled with as many edible treats as possible which are sure to make the recipient feel like they are Stateside no matter where they are.
  • The Student Survival Care Package from Kiss My Parcel is a great gift full of useful things for someone who is just starting, wading through or heading back to school, college or university.
  • The Gap Year travel Bon Voyage Care Package from Kiss My Parcel is the perfect gift for student whom is heading off on a new adventure.